Directly enhances virtual agents by leveraging community experts to improve NLU, boost automation rates, and engage advocates to help fellow customers.

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With Directly you can

Increase sales, improve performance, & deliver remarkable customer experiences, while increasing automation rates.


NLU with Experts


Automation Rate with Experts


A human touch with Experts


With Directly, our community experts will review incoming customer conversations and refine intent classification, identify new intents ripe for automation, and provide automation and escalation recommendations.


Double automation rates for clients by leveraging responses written and peer-reviewed by our community experts. These experts, called Authors, will take newly identified intents that have no response, and write a quality answer for review. Fellow authors will upvote and improve the quality of a response before it is ready for production in your live virtual agent.


When users need to speak to a human, our community experts are there to provide real time help before the user needs to be escalated to a contact center. Improve your impact with clients by enabling this feature in your virtual agent to increase the amount of questions you can answer.