The Directly

We can help you .

Our platform combines expert intelligence and AI to deliver a superior customer experience.

Gain insight into customer conversations, intelligently automate issues, and engage community experts at scale.

First, We Learn What
Your Customers Need

Traditional ticket categories and reporting tools rarely tell you the real reason why your customer is reaching out for help.

We use machine learning and thousands of community experts to interpret every customer conversation, giving you a detailed understanding of questions coming into your contact center — and most importantly, the insight you need to act.

Next, We Automate
Common Support Issues

Anyone can build a chatbot. However, you need to train, maintain and fill knowledge base gaps on an ongoing basis to ensure your bot can answer a wide range of questions.

By tapping into our expert network, our platform ensures more intelligent interactions and much higher automation rates.

Lastly, We Invite Your
Customers to Help Each Other

As your business evolves, your customers expect a level of knowledge, responsiveness, and empathy that is near impossible to meet with fixed resources and headcount.

Intelligently route questions to your community experts, who know and love your products, to instantly resolve customer issues for a fraction of the cost.

And We Do It With The Highest
Data Privacy & Security Standards

With end-to-end data encryption, your customer’s information is safe. Directly’s solutions are Soc 2 Type II, GDPR, and CCPA compliant.

Independent third party experts have confirmed Directly’s adherence to high industry standards.