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Look beyond the traditional contact center and deliver better answers in the moments that matter


Shayna has 5420 answers with a 99% CSAT, answers questions in 2 minutes and is rated ★★★★

Heather has 872 answers, a 92% CSAT, answers questions in 4 minutes or less and is rated ★★★★

Joey has 1619 answers, a 96% CSAT, answers questions in 1 minute or less and is rated ★★★★

Max has 5272 answers, a 92% CSAT, answers questions in 5 minutes or less and is rated ★★★★

William has 1930 answers, a 95% CSAT, answers questions in 4 minutes or less and is rated ★★★★

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Improve your customer experience while radically reducing costs

Customer expectations are rising faster than ever before as increasingly sophisticated users demand faster & more knowledgeable help. Directly helps you provide faster and better answers in the moments that matter, and in the authentic voice of trusted experts.

  • Reduce response time by up to 25X
  • Improve CSAT by up to 20%
  • Reduce cost by 67% per ticket

Elevate your agents and eliminate your outsourcers

Contact centers can be an endless cycle of hiring, training, burnout, attrition, and more hiring. Directly helps you reach and onboard trusted, educated, and experienced product experts from your customer and partner ecosystem in minutes.

  • Resolve up to 40% of inquiries
  • Absorb 15X surges in traffic

Harness AI to deliver superior self-service and skill-based routing

Self-service content, knowledge bases, and AI systems are invaluable, but require large investments to train and maintain. Directly helps you tap the collective wisdom and free cycles of expert users with thousands of hours of product knowledge to create content, train your AI, and deliver more accurate answers.

  • Train AI with 100X more data
  • Resolve 11% more of support volume
  • Reduce time from your team to zero

Speed your transition to digital

Digital delivers better support at lower cost but companies struggle to shift customers away from phones and traditional channels. Directly helps you ramp up experts and AI quickly to support these digital channels and asynchronous messaging without adding agents.

  • Power digital channels without agents
  • Deflect 10-30% of phone traffic
  • Shift traffic in less than 4 weeks

Go global with exceptional international support

Your customers are everywhere, and providing excellent multi-lingual support is incredibly difficult. Directly helps you onboard fluent experts in any language quickly and deliver support anywhere in the world.

  • Onboard experts in less than 10 minutes
  • Provide support in over 20 languages
  • Connect customers to local experts