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Powering Resilient
Customer Support

Our platform uses expert networks and AI to transform and scale customer service.

Reduce contact center volume up to 80%, boost CSAT up to 20%, and save millions per year.

Proven Results with Leading Brands

That Scales

Our platform is home to thousands of experts, who help train our algorithms, write answers, and deliver live customer support.

Artificial Intelligence
with Human Insights

It is critical to teach AI systems to understand and diagnose what customers need.

Our experts give feedback on every customer conversation, ensuring our algorithms have a much better understanding of what customers are asking and how best to help them.

Automation That Has
The Right Answer

Today’s answers get old fast. Anyone can build a chatbot, but they struggle accessing enough content.

Our experts continuously write new answers, validated through peer review, as new questions emerge and old issues evolve.

Flexible Workforce
That Adapts To Your Needs

Customers expect great service 24/7 — which is near impossible to deliver with fixed resources and headcount.

Our platform intelligently routes questions to a flexible network of experts, who know and love your products, to instantly resolve customer issues for a fraction of the cost.

Leading Data Privacy
& Security Standards

We take data security and privacy seriously. Protecting your customer information is a top priority. Directly’s solutions are Soc 2 Type II, GDPR, and CCPA compliant.

Independent third party experts have confirmed Directly’s adherence to high industry standards.

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