Customer Service
Customer Service


Route the Right
Questions to Experts

We’ll help you route customer inquiries to us that you can be confident on-demand experts will handle more effectively than your BPO agents.

Our advanced predictive routing algorithms identify the product and technical support questions that can be routed to us on an ongoing basis.

Identify the Right Inquiries

Experts have a proven ability to troubleshoot and assist with a wide variety of issues. From technical glitches to basic account questions, experts consistently resolve inquiries at high CSAT.

Our platform uses state-of-the-art natural language understanding and machine learning to identify which questions we know experts can resolve, and integrate with your systems to help with routing.

Resolve with Experts

Our platform determines which experts should answer the question based on each customer and peer ratings, their skillset, language proficiency, and average response time.

Experts are available via mobile and desktop notifications, and access our platform on their own time to answer questions.

Escalate to Contact Center

We seamlessly integrate into your existing digital contact center technology, allowing experts to escalate conversations to in-house agents with full context when needed.

All interactions are recorded in your helpdesk, so agents have the full context of the prior expert interaction when introduced into the conversation.

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