Customer Service
Customer Service

Business Continuity Planning

Deliver Business Continuity

In the wake of COVID-19, a diversified contact center strategy is no longer a nice to have. Directly OnDemand helps improve business continuity by reducing your reliance on the traditional contact center.

By diversifying support via automation, agents, and on-demand experts, you can ensure your operations are resilient in the face of the next market disruption.

Understand Your Mix of
Contact Center Tickets

We’ll work with you to understand which of your support tickets can be resolved by automation, and which can be resolved by on-demand experts instead of agents.

Allocate the right resources to traditional support operations while investing in an alternate, distributed workforce.

Diversify Your Contact
Center Operations

Once we understand your ecosystem of customer issues, we’ll deploy across your IVR and digital channels.

Our predictive routing will help determine which issues can be sent to on-demand experts. And we’ll ensure your internal agents only address the most strategic cases.

During a Crisis

When COVID hit, our customers were able to be resilient despite major disruptions to call centers.

For example, a global hospitality customer faced a growing backlog of more than 100k tickets after COVID. In less than 24 hours, we launched new automation to address COVID policy questions, immediately stabilizing ticket volume and helping reduce the backlog.

For a global gaming company, our experts filled the gap, providing live support in three languages when the company’s international BPOs were closed.

Resilience: The New Imperative