Customer Service
Customer Service


Accelerate Web & Email Support

Directly’s OnDemand web & email solution integrates into your helpdesk and can provide your customers faster responses and full resolution without requiring an agent.
Instead of filling out a ticket form or emailing the company and waiting hours or days, customers can receive automatic responses back and help from thousands of independent experts.

Resolve Your Tickets

We’ll resolve email & web tickets by selectively routing the right questions to on-demand experts.

Qualified experts are able to resolve a wide array of tickets, leaving only complex account & billing issues for your agents.

Automate Repetitive Inquiries

When frequently asked questions come in, we’ll provide an automatic answer back via email or helpdesk.

Experts are asked to author answers to common questions and we will provide them automatically when similar tickets are received.

Fewer Tickets, Higher CSAT

Customers who use Directly web & email support experience a significantly reduced burden on the call center.

Our customers have increased CSAT up to 20% while resolving 40% of your tickets at a lower cost.