Sheri Deburcheo describes herself as a “spunky woman who loves to have fun,” and that’s certainly true. She’ll happily spend hours sharing hilarious videos on Facebook, or cracking jokes with her two adult sons and friends. 

Underneath her funny stories and southern charm lies the razor-sharp mind of a natural-born researcher and analyst. For nearly a decade, Sheri has served as a customer interaction analyst for a local media company and accessories retailer, where her skills have made her an invaluable member of the team.

In her role, Sheri uses her keen eye for detail, her remarkable organizational skills, and her innate gift for interpreting and synthesizing complex data points to provide her employer with advanced insights into agent productivity, business performance, and customer loyalty. 

There’s only one thing more important to Sheri than her work — family. That’s why she decided to start exploring her family history on

“Once I got started on Ancestry, looking into medical history, I noticed a lot of other really neat features,” she recalls. “I enjoyed finding stories about my family members, and then I decided to get DNA tested.”

At its core, is just an enormous research database, and Sheri took to the platform like a fish to water. 

“I became really good at analyzing the results,” she says. “And I spend so much time on the site that I basically became a pro at it.”

In fact, Sheri became so adept at using the Ancestry platform that friends started offering to pay her to look into their own family histories. Eventually, the company offered her a role as an Ancestry expert on Directly’s intelligent automation platform

Today, Sheri says she loves that her work as an Ancestry expert allows her to help others learn more about their family histories, whether she’s helping them directly or working to improve’s automated system. 

“My expertise can actually still be useful even if I’m not sitting at my computer or on my phone at that present time,” she says. “I absolutely love being an expert for Ancestry.”

Thanks to Sheri and experts just like her, Directly is helping companies such as Ancestry, Airbnb, Samsung, and Microsoft offer a better customer experience. To see how experts like Sheri can play a role in intelligent automation, set up a Directly demo today.