As an IT professional, David Capp has always taken a pragmatic approach to managing his personal devices. But when it came to his smartphone, paying for service once meant paying hand over fist for expensive data plans that he didn’t really need. Then he discovered Republic Wireless.

“Give me a smartphone with just talk and text and let me do data on Wi-Fi. Nobody would do that,” David recalls. Fortunately, Republic Wireless was different.

Dave was an early adopter of the service, and soon became one of the most active and knowledgeable members of the burgeoning community surrounding it.

“I got involved in the community learning about the phones and about their service,” he said, “and my involvement in that community is what led me to being an expert.”

Founded in 2010, Republic Wireless offers low-cost mobile phone service that defaults to Wi-Fi, only using cellular networks when Wi-Fi is unavailable. The unique service model allows customers to save hundreds of dollars a year on data use and overages. Republic Wireless quickly built up a highly engaged user base in the months and years following its launch.

“It was so forward-thinking,” he said. “It really encouraged me that there was somebody out there thinking, doing it affordably, providing what I really wanted — and I was just sold.”

David has always been passionate about helping people. During the day, he manages IT for a homeless shelter rescue mission. Joining the Republic Wireless Expert program, powered by Directly, has allowed him to take his passion for helping others outside of the office. He leverages years of product experience and technical know-how to help his fellow users get the most out of the service.

“I really appreciate the brand and the products Republic Wireless provides,” David said. “It’s fun to be encouraged by knowing that what I did helped somebody get through their challenge.”

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