Located in Davis, California, Darcie has worked as an expert since 2015. She was able to gain experience with WordPress through her work on her own blog, Darcie, FYI, and got her start in customer care ten years ago, while working in Disneyland’s store and other retail locations.

Now, she trains AI, updating and endorsing 1,500–2,000 answers each week to help WordPress offer automated customer support. This work ensures that WordPress customers are always being served accurate and personalized automatic answers to their questions.

When asked about her work in training AI, she said: “It doesn’t require any kind of technical training—all I have to do is vote on if an answer is correct or not, and I can make edits directly in the system. It’s a neat platform that allows customers to get a quick and accurate response.”

Other than her blog and some online stores, being a Directly expert is Darcie’s main focus. She also serves as a volunteer on phpBB’s management and community teams. These activities help her stay up to date with the different features of the WordPress platform, and empower her to tackle even the toughest questions from other WordPress users.

Her favorite part of being an expert? Helping others, and sharing the knowledge she’s acquired over the years about the ins and outs of WordPress.

“I like giving people information,” she said. “I used to do something similar as a volunteer, and this gives me a chance to get a monetary reward for something I do anyway. Instead of going to the support documentation that might be kind of wordy or hard to understand, users get a customized answer from us (experts) automatically.”

With young children at home, and a food allergy that makes being home the safer option, the flexibility of working as a Directly expert has been key to Darcie’s success.

“My food allergy makes being outside my home risky, because I can’t leave my environment,” she said. “But as an expert, I have the freedom to work when and where I want, meaning I can be at home and take care of my children.”

Thanks to experts like Darcie, we are providing a better customer service experience for customers like WordPress, Samsung, Airbnb, Microsoft, Autodesk and many others. Learn more about our experts and platform here.