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Customer Service


Unleash your AI

Automated Natural Language Training for Conversational AI

Leverage machine learning to transform your unstructured conversational data into a complete NLU model that’s constantly improving.

The Darwin Difference

Darwin delivers an intelligent conversational experience to help users quickly resolve their issue and get right back to the product.

Instead of deflecting a few high volume FAQs, Darwin identifies every opportunity for automation along the customer lifecycle.

Darwin’s training is ongoing.

Darwin is ready to help you build, train, and maintain your Natural Language model. As your product and processes change over time, your training will evolve to reflect your customers’ needs.

Anyone can train & maintain with Darwin.

Our no-code platform ensures that even an AI novice can train high-quality Natural Language models, while our insights and tooling allow data scientists to take these models to the next level.

We make human-in-the-loop better.

Even with machine learning automation, human supervision is needed. Our platform simplifies the human validation tasks to shift effort from experts to more cost-effective resources, including your team, agents, or our gig network of experts.

Darwin’s platform leverages machine learning to transform your raw conversations into a complete intent model that’s constantly improving.

Understand your customer with ease.

Combine the accuracy of advanced model training with the simplicity of more cost-effective options. Leverage key insights to identify in-product pain points.

See your data in a new light.

Clear and concise insights at every step of the process allow you to understand your data at a glance or dive deeper to contextualize an important decision.

Work less on workflow.

Spend more time on strategy and leave the nitty gritty training work to us. Optimize the quality of your model based on smart, automated recommendations.

Keep humans in the loop.

Distribute the training work to combine the brainpower of machine learning with the nuance of human intelligence.

Maintain your momentum.

Watch your model evolve as new and trending topics arise. Improve your model’s quality with actionable alerts.

Extract exactness.

Trust the precision of the process. Watch your model come to life with accurate data that reflects your customers’ needs.

Automate your Understanding.