Transform Your Ticket Form

Improve the customer experience by replacing your ticket form with an embedded messaging experience that gives customers instant responses.
Instead of filling out a ticket form on your website and waiting hours or days, customers can interact with an intelligent messenger that resolves many common issues, and then when needed, creates tickets the same way your ticket form would.

Stop Cases Before They Happen

Ask your customer the simple question ‘How can we help you?’ and we’ll provide you a library of answers at scale — validated through peer review — that are only served when relevant for your customer.

If there isn’t a match, the customer can submit a ticket like usual.

Provide Live Assistance with Community Experts

If automation can’t fully solve the customer question, or the customer has additional questions, we can also provide a community expert to join the messaging experience to provide live assistance.

Qualified experts are able to resolve most non-account related questions, leaving only complex account & billing questions for your agents.

Fewer Tickets, Higher CSAT

Customers who convert their ticket form to a messaging channel with Directly experience a significantly reduced burden on the call center.

Our customers have increased CSAT up to 20%, saved 90% per interaction, while resolving 50-80% of all contacts via the messaging experience.