Strategically Shift Volume from IVR to Messaging

Directly’s IVR to Messaging solution gives your customers the ability to instantly shift from a phone call to text (SMS).
Our platform systematically shifts phone calls to digital by offering customers a text message (SMS) alternative from your IVR. Identify the right customers to shift to digital, deliver automatic responses to resolve issues, and offer community experts to provide live assistance.

Identify When to Offer IVR → SMS

Ask customers within the IVR “How can I help you?” and let us do the rest.

Our proprietary NLU model listens to the voice of the customer within your IVR to identify customer intent, predicts what can be successfully resolved via messaging, and offers the customer the option to receive an SMS.

Automatically Resolve Inquiries

Generate and serve peer-reviewed responses within the messaging channel that specifically address the question, personalized to the situation.

In addition, seamlessly integrate one of our partner virtual agents to configure more complex, automated conversations within the digital experience — with our platform doing most of the hard work — so you don’t have to.

Offer Community Experts
for Live Assistance

If automation can’t fully solve the customer question, or the customer has additional questions, seamlessly engage a community expert within the digital channel to provide live assistance.

Qualified experts are able to resolve most non-account related questions, leaving only complex account & billing questions for your agents.

Get a Clear Return on Investment

Fewer phone calls, more automation, and a flexible workforce of community experts all combine to significantly reduce the burden on your call center.

Our customers have increased CSAT up to 20%, saved 90% per interaction, and reduced the number of phone calls by up to 40%.