AI & Automation

Deploy Intelligent

Anyone can deploy a simple chatbot. We’ll help you deliver an intelligent approach to automation by providing you everything you need to be successful.

Chatbots have been on the market for years, but are limited in the number of problems they can solve.

More sophisticated virtual agents require significant resources and expertise to manage and scale over time.

Assess the Opportunity

Our machine learning technology and NLU model (natural language understanding) analyze your customer interactions and identify which issues are the best candidates for automation.

Our experts provide the system training and feedback, allowing you to accurately understand why the customer is reaching out and whether automation can solve it.

Automation Made Easy

We provide the AI platform that powers your automation system, the virtual agent that’s the face of it, and a network of community experts that can up-level content and train the AI.

You’ll also get the benefit of our world-class bot builders to get the project off the ground.

And if you already have a chatbot, we can boost its IQ with APIs that connect to fill performance gaps.

Strong Business Case

Our platform makes it possible to intelligently automate between 30-60% of customer inquiries.

Customers also experience CSAT improvements up to 20 points over the contact center, all without needing to add additional headcount to train and optimize the system.

ClickFunnels Case Study