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Analyze Your Support Tickets Using AI

It’s difficult to understand what your customers are truly asking at scale.

Our platform uses machine learning and thousands of community experts to interpret every customer conversation, giving you a detailed understanding of questions coming into your contact center — and then most importantly, recommendations on how to act on them.

Topics by Intent

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Topic: Mail app troubleshooting
Best Action: Automation

I can’t login to the app


Topic: Hardware troubleshooting
Best Action: Route to agent

My game freezes after 30 minutes of playing. How do I fix it?

Accounting & Billing

Topic: Billing
Best Action: Automate

When is my bill due?

Booking Cancellation

Topic: Cancellation with refund
Best Action: Route to agent

Can I cancel my reservation & get a refund?

Booking Issue

Topic: Reservation sharing
Best Action: Route to expert

I can’t share my reservation with my guest

Order Issue

Topic: Replacement order
Best Action: Automate

My glasses arrived broken - can I get a replacement?

Order Issue

Topic: Order review
Best Action: Route to agent

I was overcharged.


Topic: Account Setup
Best Action: Automation

How do I create a new account?


Topic: Account credit
Best Action: Automation

How do I get more game credits?


Topic: App troubleshooting
Best Action: Route to expert

My app keeps crashing.


Topic: Reservation rebooking
Best Action: Route to agent

I need to change my hotel room. Can you help?

Order Tracking

Topic: Order tracking
Best Action: Automate

I have a package in the mail. When will it arrive?

Refunds and Returns

Topic: Sunglasses refund
Best Action: Automate

I returned a pair of sunglasses and didn’t receive money back.


Topic: Email activation
Best Action: Route to expert

How do I set up my email on my Android device?

Understand Your Top
Customer Issues

Your customer issues are constantly changing. New products and features are released. New bugs or problems arise. Circumstances in the market change.

Our proprietary NLU (natural language understanding) model scans your customer interactions in real-time, identifies emerging new issues, and verifies those issues with our network of community experts.

Identify New
Automation Opportunities

Wondering what percentage of your customer interactions can be automated?

Our platform continuously analyzes every customer conversation and offers detailed recommendations on what should be automated.

Optimize Routing Decisions

Some inquiries are best handled by automation, others by human support. We offer a confidence score to help you determine the path most likely to resolve the customer inquiry.

Use this confidence score to route customers directly to bots, community experts, or call center agents. We’ll help you decide how to optimize CX for every customer’s individual support journey.

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