The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down overnight. In addition to those who have been affected by the illness, all of us are dealing with disruptions to our families, work, schools, and communities. At Directly, we serve customer support organizations around the world, who are deeply affected by COVID-19. Together with our customers we’ve planned for the worst case scenarios, only to realize that we all underestimated just how quickly and how broadly the pandemic would affect us. It’s a jarring and unprecedented situation, and we’re committed to helping our customers through these uncertain times. 

Customer Support in Crisis

Customer support is on the virtual front lines, providing vital information to consumers in need. Unfortunately customer support operations are vulnerable. Customer support relies on large contact centers and physical retail locations that have been closed. There are no backup sites other than individuals’ living rooms and home offices.

Practical Solutions

Directly is working with our customers to implement solutions for these challenges. At one global company, we’ve provided automation that gets vital information about COVID-19 policies to thousands and thousands of anxious consumers. We are providing our platform temporarily to retail employees of a technology company, so they can get back to work after store closures. For our entire customer base, we’ve mobilized tens of thousands of experts on our platform to provide direct support to stressed consumers.

Our Commitment

At Directly, we are all committed to making a meaningful impact. We are proud to work shoulder-to-shoulder with our customers to solve problems together in creative ways. The customer support industry is playing a crucial role and will continue to do so in the months ahead. Consumers are stressed and on edge, which means that the ability to apply empathetic customer support is more important than ever.