It’s amazing how much software is now part of everyday life. Software has eaten the world: with it, billions of technology users are now navigating through digital devices and software applications on a daily basis. And software users need help. A lot of it. 

SaaS (software-as-a-service) is unlike any other product or service. SaaS products are always updating with new features, and since software is complex and sits on top of a browser, device and WiFi, the average person needs a lot more help than a list of frequently asked questions. The issues themselves change over time. And quickly. 

Users need to know how to use the software successfully, and when they need help, they expect digital communication and fast answers. Technical support, customer success, customer service, content, and self-service teams are perpetually struggling to keep up. 

Frictionless Software Support Is More Important Than Ever 

Technology adoption was already skyrocketing, and that was before the pandemic. COVID accelerated the shift to digital, and more SaaS companies than ever need scalable solutions to help more customers, deliver better experiences, and do so all while reducing costs. 

Customer experience in the software industry has also never been more important. Thought leaders refer to this as the ‘Experience Economy’, where frictionless experiences are critical for competitive differentiation in crowded and competitive software markets.

We’ve also entered the ‘Subscription Economy’, where tech companies have increasingly moved to subscription models. Long-term customer relationships and cultivating a large base of monthly or annual subscriptions are paramount to success. 

Topline corporate metrics such as net retention and customer lifetime value have become the most important metrics to the business, and investing in digital customer experience is mission critical. 

Focusing on Deflection Misses The Bigger CX Opportunity

Customers are increasingly turning to AI chatbots as the foundation of their digital strategy, but today’s chatbots aren’t built to deliver what SaaS companies need to succeed.  

Most SaaS chatbot projects today fail because the chatbot ends up deflecting a few high volume FAQs to cut costs but in the process ignores, or even hurts, the customer experience. 

Differentiating your customer experience means much more than automating a few FAQs. You can’t easily program a chatbot, even with sophisticated AI & ML, to cover a wide-array of software issues and keep up as the product evolves. It requires engineers, data scientists, conversational designers, and bot trainers on an ongoing basis. It’s a DIY project for large teams. 

In the software industry, customer service needs to be about maximizing customer value. 

Delivering a differentiated conversational experience via an intuitive chatbot is a key driver of product adoption and customer loyalty.

Software companies need sticky customer experiences, and should be investing in a chatbot that can ensure customers are successful at every step of the customer lifecycle. 

The First Chatbot Designed for the SaaS Customer Lifecycle

We’re excited to introduce Darwin, the SaaS chatbot for the SaaS industry. Darwin empowers software companies to automate support through the customer lifecycle to reduce churn, improve customer loyalty, and increase product adoption.

Darwin is designed to address a wide range of ever-changing software issues. Darwin dynamically updates to handle new onboarding issues, new product releases, upsell opportunities, and everyday troubleshooting. Instead of focusing on deflecting a few high volume FAQs, Darwin supports the diverse needs of your software users while delivering insights into your top contact drivers. 

In addition, Darwin is offered as a SaaS subscription, and includes chatbot development, training, and maintenance in a simple monthly fee. Darwin takes care of the mundane, labor-intensive chatbot management work automatically so your team doesn’t have to.

Innovative companies like Malwarebytes and Qlik use Darwin to automate 3x more conversations and increase CSAT by up to 10 points while improving customer loyalty and increasing product adoption.

If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out.  We’d love to collaborate with you to create digital support that users love!